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Camp Card Fundraising Campaign

VDS units are invited to participate in the Council Sponsored Fundraising Camp Card Campaign. A Camp Card is a discount card that provides the purchasers numerous discounts to restaurants and retailers all throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles areas. Each card is sold for $5.00. The deals on the card far exceed the amount. Scouts are encouraged to sell as many as they can. Your unit will earn 50% ($2.50 per card) of all sales! If your unit does well in popcorn or is in need of a Spring Fundraiser, Camp Cards is the perfect program.

For additional information and to sign up please visit or if you have questions contact Heather Endo at 213.413.4400 x0 or email her at

Valle Del Sol District
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 David camacho proj Bonelli pk2.30mb2017-01-07 20:20:18Raymondginez
 Life to Eagle - Jan 2016144.0kb2016-01-13 13:25:26vdswebadmin
 Adv News - Jan-Feb 20152.15mb2015-02-04 17:08:14vdswebadmin
 Life to Eagle Orientation 01/28/97.3kb2013-12-09 21:06:04Mr Martinez
 Eagle Qick List Leaders.pdf132.6kb2010-04-24 10:50:20BSAHosting
 Eagle Qick List Scouts.pdf131.9kb2010-04-24 10:50:53BSAHosting
 Eagle Resume.pdf13.3kb2010-04-24 10:51:17BSAHosting
 Eagle Scout Award Check List.pdf37.3kb2010-04-24 10:51:41BSAHosting
 Eagle Workbook 2009778.7kb2010-08-17 08:11:09Mr Martinez
 Eagle_orientation_packet_rev0108265.8kb2010-04-24 10:52:23BSAHosting
 2017 VDS Award Dinner Flyer111.0kb2016-11-02 17:44:06vdswebadmin
 GLAAC Silver Beaver App122.9kb2015-10-07 16:14:30vdswebadmin
 Baden_Powell_Award_2015.pdf142.2kb2014-12-10 17:19:33vdswebadmin
 Extra_Miler_Award_2015.pdf132.1kb2014-12-10 17:20:06vdswebadmin
 District Award of Merit145.6kb2013-12-09 21:21:10Mr Martinez
 2014 Cuboree Packet827.8kb2014-03-01 13:52:13Mr Martinez-1
 Camporee 2013 Score Sheet2.90mb2013-05-02 17:35:02Mr Martinez
 Camporee Photos 20132.28mb2013-05-02 17:35:37Mr Martinez
 Camporee 2012 score sheet61.0kb2012-04-30 19:56:53Mr Martinez
 2017 Camporee Packet1.54mb2017-04-05 17:47:35vdswebadmin
 2017 Wind Under Their Wings Flye270.3kb2017-04-05 18:21:33vdswebadmin
 July_17 FOS Fundraiser Flyer- LN233.5kb2017-05-03 17:57:16vdswebadmin
 June_17 FOS Fundraiser Flyer- B&242.4kb2017-05-03 17:56:26vdswebadmin
 May_17 FOS Fundraiser Flyer- Sha286.4kb2017-05-03 17:55:37vdswebadmin
 2016 10 Commandments Hike448.9kb2016-02-03 17:09:51vdswebadmin
 2016 Camporee Packet1.23mb2016-03-30 16:44:02vdswebadmin
 2016 Cubmobiles Rules 11.15mb2016-04-13 17:23:49vdswebadmin
 2016 Cubmobiles Rules 22.23mb2016-04-13 17:24:13vdswebadmin
 2016 Cuboree Packet467.0kb2016-03-09 13:51:14vdswebadmin
 2016 Venturing Bash Flyer286.0kb2016-11-02 17:43:18vdswebadmin
 T443 Webelos Outdoor Activity Da317.0kb2016-02-10 22:52:13vdswebadmin
 2015 Camporee Closing Letter3.60mb2015-04-27 12:02:20Mrs Holden
 2015 Camporee Event Packet1.89mb2015-02-22 11:37:08Mrs Holden-1
 2015 Council Dinner Invite269.5kb2015-02-18 17:29:52vdswebadmin
 2015 Council Dinner RSVP Form69.4kb2015-02-18 17:30:37vdswebadmin
 2015 Cuboree Packet559.6kb2015-03-06 16:20:19vdswebadmin
 2015 Dutch Oven Dessert Rules P37.6kb2015-07-22 19:44:48vdswebadmin
 2015 Dutch Oven Flyer.pdf111.5kb2015-07-22 19:45:17vdswebadmin
 2015 Dutch Oven Scorecard.pdf57.5kb2015-07-22 19:45:43vdswebadmin
 2015 LA Kings Scout Day2.37mb2015-09-23 16:56:11vdswebadmin
 2015 Rechartering Meeting Info132.2kb2015-09-02 18:02:46vdswebadmin-1
 2015 Scout Expo Brochure767.5kb2015-04-08 16:31:59vdswebadmin
 2015 Scout Expo Unit Flyer427.8kb2015-04-08 16:32:34vdswebadmin
 2015 Scout Expo767.5kb2015-03-04 18:00:55vdswebadmin
 2015 Scouting for Food17.6kb2015-09-02 17:54:57vdswebadmin
 2015 Webelosree Guidebook475.5kb2015-10-28 16:58:49vdswebadmin
 2015 Webelosree275.5kb2015-09-02 18:12:05vdswebadmin
 2015 Youth Expo Events78.1kb2015-05-27 17:13:49vdswebadmin
 2015 Youth Expo Guide191.7kb2015-04-15 17:12:34vdswebadmin
 2016 Council Dinner1.16mb2015-12-23 13:53:08vdswebadmin
 2016 VDS Dinner543.4kb2015-12-23 13:53:40vdswebadmin
 Arrow Tour 2015413.0kb2015-06-17 16:17:50vdswebadmin
 Map & Compass Belt Loop Wkshp452.2kb2015-02-04 17:09:27vdswebadmin
 T443 - Webelos Activity Day336.8kb2015-02-04 17:11:57vdswebadmin
 T443 Rocket Outing 2015113.5kb2015-09-23 15:05:38vdswebadmin
 T443 Rocket Outing SaveDate110.2kb2015-09-02 17:40:39vdswebadmin
 T483 Webelos Campout 2015477.6kb2015-10-07 16:15:03vdswebadmin
 2013 FOS Presentation361.6kb2013-08-26 19:48:14Mr Martinez
 FOS SGVC v81.05mb2011-01-19 21:24:39Mr Martinez
 FOS Slideshow636.0kb2010-09-17 16:34:08Mr Martinez
 Camporee Staff Meeting Minutes-N22.9kb2015-01-25 11:25:34Mrs Holden
 December Camporee Minutes29.3kb2015-01-25 11:46:19Mrs Holden
 GLAAC CSP Design Contest183.2kb2015-10-07 16:13:56vdswebadmin
 2014 Popcorn Fundraiser Info408.3kb2014-08-26 13:46:06Mr. Miller
 GRFC SGVC Flyer 2014598.7kb2014-03-25 21:27:16Mr Martinez
 Map & Compass Belt Loop423.1kb2014-03-25 21:26:20Mr Martinez
 Mt Wilson Fundraiser259.4kb2014-02-26 23:38:22Mr Martinez
 Silver Beaver App 2014.pdf340.9kb2014-11-05 20:59:25Mr. Miller
 Unit Money Earning Application63.9kb2013-12-09 19:55:43Mr Martinez
Membership Drive
 Membership Fee Increase FAQ435.2kb2013-09-10 18:54:29Mr Martinez
 Membership Fee Increase379.4kb2013-09-10 18:53:53Mr Martinez
Merit Badge Work
 6-10-17 Railroading MB Class Fly4.10mb2017-05-03 17:36:47vdswebadmin
 Annual Charter Agreement112.1kb2010-10-06 20:20:04Mr Martinez
 Internet Rechartering FAQ326.6kb2010-10-06 20:20:56Mr Martinez
 Internet Rechartering Update1.35mb2010-10-06 20:16:29Mr Martinez
 VDS Rechartering Checklist65.8kb2010-11-10 12:25:14Mr Martinez
Tour Plan
 Tour Plan Guidelines and Resolut506.5kb2011-04-23 12:46:30Mr Martinez
 Tour Plan Worksheet1.01mb2011-04-23 12:45:23Mr Martinez
 CS Leader Training at Webelosree49.9kb2016-11-02 17:42:33vdswebadmin
 2015 Crew Committee Challenge272.4kb2015-08-12 14:21:21vdswebadmin
 2015 Cub Scout Leader Specific201.8kb2015-03-04 17:53:59vdswebadmin
 2015 Popcorn Kickoff-Training Fl350.0kb2015-07-22 19:46:08vdswebadmin
 2015 So Cal Commissioner College62.6kb2015-02-18 17:56:51vdswebadmin
 2015 University of Scouting flye354.2kb2015-10-14 17:02:25vdswebadmin
 2015 Venturing Advisor Training272.4kb2015-08-12 14:22:10vdswebadmin
 2015 Youth Protection Training119.2kb2015-11-04 16:50:42vdswebadmin
 4-11 SM/ASM Leader Specific (S24208.9kb2015-03-04 17:55:44vdswebadmin
 4-25 SM/ASM Leader Specific (S24211.0kb2015-03-04 17:56:40vdswebadmin
 BS - Outdoor Leader Skills 2015548.6kb2015-02-04 17:01:20vdswebadmin
 BSA Wilderness First Aid 20151.08mb2015-04-08 16:30:58vdswebadmin
 Cub Scout Leader Training June 2202.5kb2015-06-10 16:53:03vdswebadmin
 T3 - Fundamentals of Training220.7kb2015-02-04 17:10:49vdswebadmin
 Troop Committee Challenge (WS10)115.0kb2015-03-04 17:58:08vdswebadmin
 Webelos - Outdoor Leader Skills 108.9kb2015-02-04 17:06:40vdswebadmin
 Trained Reqs Chart334.7kb2010-06-23 15:02:41Mr Martinez
 What Makes a Trained Leader134.2kb2010-08-11 06:19:38Mr Martinez