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2018 Cubmobile Classic

Saturday, March 10th, 2018
Location:Royal Oak Middle School
Map Link:303 Glendora Ave., Covina, CA,
Time:9am - 1pm
Cost: $15.00 per Racer* if registered by 3/2/18



*Late fee after 3/2/2018 a fee of $10.00 will apply to all Racer Registrants.

Valle Del Sol District
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 David camacho proj Bonelli pk2.30mb2017-01-07 20:20:18Raymondginez
 Life to Eagle - Jan 2016144.0kb2016-01-13 13:25:26vdswebadmin
 Adv News - Jan-Feb 20152.15mb2015-02-04 17:08:14vdswebadmin
 Life to Eagle Orientation 01/28/97.3kb2013-12-09 21:06:04Mr Martinez
 Eagle Qick List Leaders.pdf132.6kb2010-04-24 10:50:20BSAHosting
 Eagle Qick List Scouts.pdf131.9kb2010-04-24 10:50:53BSAHosting
 Eagle Resume.pdf13.3kb2010-04-24 10:51:17BSAHosting
 Eagle Scout Award Check List.pdf37.3kb2010-04-24 10:51:41BSAHosting
 Eagle Workbook 2009778.7kb2010-08-17 08:11:09Mr Martinez
 Eagle_orientation_packet_rev0108265.8kb2010-04-24 10:52:23BSAHosting
 2017 VDS Award Dinner Flyer111.0kb2016-11-02 17:44:06vdswebadmin
 GLAAC Silver Beaver App122.9kb2015-10-07 16:14:30vdswebadmin
 Baden_Powell_Award_2015.pdf142.2kb2014-12-10 17:19:33vdswebadmin
 Extra_Miler_Award_2015.pdf132.1kb2014-12-10 17:20:06vdswebadmin
 District Award of Merit145.6kb2013-12-09 21:21:10Mr Martinez
 2014 Cuboree Packet827.8kb2014-03-01 13:52:13Mr Martinez-1
 Camporee 2013 Score Sheet2.90mb2013-05-02 17:35:02Mr Martinez
 Camporee Photos 20132.28mb2013-05-02 17:35:37Mr Martinez
 Camporee 2012 score sheet61.0kb2012-04-30 19:56:53Mr Martinez
 2018 Cub Games - BS Packet2.88mb2018-02-07 16:50:55vdswebadmin
 2018 Cub Games - CS Packet354.8kb2018-02-07 16:51:17vdswebadmin
 2018 Cub Games - Flyer654.5kb2018-02-07 16:50:12vdswebadmin
 2018 Cubmobile Flyer901.9kb2018-01-30 16:43:43vdswebadmin
 2018 Cubmobile Rules and Regs607.3kb2018-01-30 16:44:27vdswebadmin
 Family Night Out - 2/1872.6kb2018-02-07 16:48:02vdswebadmin
 Family Night Out - 3/18363.2kb2018-02-07 16:48:39vdswebadmin
 Family Night Out - 4/18297.5kb2018-02-07 16:49:05vdswebadmin
 2017 Camporee Packet1.54mb2017-04-05 17:47:35vdswebadmin
 2017 Wind Under Their Wings Flye270.3kb2017-04-05 18:21:33vdswebadmin
 July_17 FOS Fundraiser Flyer- LN233.5kb2017-05-03 17:57:16vdswebadmin
 June_17 FOS Fundraiser Flyer- B&242.4kb2017-05-03 17:56:26vdswebadmin
 May_17 FOS Fundraiser Flyer- Sha286.4kb2017-05-03 17:55:37vdswebadmin
 2016 10 Commandments Hike448.9kb2016-02-03 17:09:51vdswebadmin
 2016 Camporee Packet1.23mb2016-03-30 16:44:02vdswebadmin
 2016 Cubmobiles Rules 11.15mb2016-04-13 17:23:49vdswebadmin
 2016 Cubmobiles Rules 22.23mb2016-04-13 17:24:13vdswebadmin
 2016 Cuboree Packet467.0kb2016-03-09 13:51:14vdswebadmin
 2016 Venturing Bash Flyer286.0kb2016-11-02 17:43:18vdswebadmin
 T443 Webelos Outdoor Activity Da317.0kb2016-02-10 22:52:13vdswebadmin
 2015 Camporee Closing Letter3.60mb2015-04-27 12:02:20Mrs Holden
 2015 Camporee Event Packet1.89mb2015-02-22 11:37:08Mrs Holden-1
 2015 Council Dinner Invite269.5kb2015-02-18 17:29:52vdswebadmin
 2015 Council Dinner RSVP Form69.4kb2015-02-18 17:30:37vdswebadmin
 2015 Cuboree Packet559.6kb2015-03-06 16:20:19vdswebadmin
 2015 Dutch Oven Dessert Rules P37.6kb2015-07-22 19:44:48vdswebadmin
 2015 Dutch Oven Flyer.pdf111.5kb2015-07-22 19:45:17vdswebadmin
 2015 Dutch Oven Scorecard.pdf57.5kb2015-07-22 19:45:43vdswebadmin
 2015 LA Kings Scout Day2.37mb2015-09-23 16:56:11vdswebadmin
 2015 Rechartering Meeting Info132.2kb2015-09-02 18:02:46vdswebadmin-1
 2015 Scout Expo Brochure767.5kb2015-04-08 16:31:59vdswebadmin
 2015 Scout Expo Unit Flyer427.8kb2015-04-08 16:32:34vdswebadmin
 2015 Scout Expo767.5kb2015-03-04 18:00:55vdswebadmin
 2015 Scouting for Food17.6kb2015-09-02 17:54:57vdswebadmin
 2015 Webelosree Guidebook475.5kb2015-10-28 16:58:49vdswebadmin
 2015 Webelosree275.5kb2015-09-02 18:12:05vdswebadmin
 2015 Youth Expo Events78.1kb2015-05-27 17:13:49vdswebadmin
 2015 Youth Expo Guide191.7kb2015-04-15 17:12:34vdswebadmin
 2016 Council Dinner1.16mb2015-12-23 13:53:08vdswebadmin
 2016 VDS Dinner543.4kb2015-12-23 13:53:40vdswebadmin
 Arrow Tour 2015413.0kb2015-06-17 16:17:50vdswebadmin
 Map & Compass Belt Loop Wkshp452.2kb2015-02-04 17:09:27vdswebadmin
 T443 - Webelos Activity Day336.8kb2015-02-04 17:11:57vdswebadmin
 T443 Rocket Outing 2015113.5kb2015-09-23 15:05:38vdswebadmin
 T443 Rocket Outing SaveDate110.2kb2015-09-02 17:40:39vdswebadmin
 T483 Webelos Campout 2015477.6kb2015-10-07 16:15:03vdswebadmin
 2013 FOS Presentation361.6kb2013-08-26 19:48:14Mr Martinez
 FOS SGVC v81.05mb2011-01-19 21:24:39Mr Martinez
 FOS Slideshow636.0kb2010-09-17 16:34:08Mr Martinez
 Camporee Staff Meeting Minutes-N22.9kb2015-01-25 11:25:34Mrs Holden
 December Camporee Minutes29.3kb2015-01-25 11:46:19Mrs Holden
 GLAAC CSP Design Contest183.2kb2015-10-07 16:13:56vdswebadmin
 2014 Popcorn Fundraiser Info408.3kb2014-08-26 13:46:06Mr. Miller
 GRFC SGVC Flyer 2014598.7kb2014-03-25 21:27:16Mr Martinez
 Map & Compass Belt Loop423.1kb2014-03-25 21:26:20Mr Martinez
 Mt Wilson Fundraiser259.4kb2014-02-26 23:38:22Mr Martinez
 Silver Beaver App 2014.pdf340.9kb2014-11-05 20:59:25Mr. Miller
 Unit Money Earning Application63.9kb2013-12-09 19:55:43Mr Martinez
Membership Drive
 Membership Fee Increase FAQ435.2kb2013-09-10 18:54:29Mr Martinez
 Membership Fee Increase379.4kb2013-09-10 18:53:53Mr Martinez
Merit Badge Work
 6-10-17 Railroading MB Class Fly4.10mb2017-05-03 17:36:47vdswebadmin
 Annual Charter Agreement112.1kb2010-10-06 20:20:04Mr Martinez
 Internet Rechartering FAQ326.6kb2010-10-06 20:20:56Mr Martinez
 Internet Rechartering Update1.35mb2010-10-06 20:16:29Mr Martinez
 VDS Rechartering Checklist65.8kb2010-11-10 12:25:14Mr Martinez
Tour Plan
 Tour Plan Guidelines and Resolut506.5kb2011-04-23 12:46:30Mr Martinez
 Tour Plan Worksheet1.01mb2011-04-23 12:45:23Mr Martinez
 CS Leader Training at Webelosree49.9kb2016-11-02 17:42:33vdswebadmin
 2015 Crew Committee Challenge272.4kb2015-08-12 14:21:21vdswebadmin
 2015 Cub Scout Leader Specific201.8kb2015-03-04 17:53:59vdswebadmin
 2015 Popcorn Kickoff-Training Fl350.0kb2015-07-22 19:46:08vdswebadmin
 2015 So Cal Commissioner College62.6kb2015-02-18 17:56:51vdswebadmin
 2015 University of Scouting flye354.2kb2015-10-14 17:02:25vdswebadmin
 2015 Venturing Advisor Training272.4kb2015-08-12 14:22:10vdswebadmin
 2015 Youth Protection Training119.2kb2015-11-04 16:50:42vdswebadmin
 4-11 SM/ASM Leader Specific (S24208.9kb2015-03-04 17:55:44vdswebadmin
 4-25 SM/ASM Leader Specific (S24211.0kb2015-03-04 17:56:40vdswebadmin
 BS - Outdoor Leader Skills 2015548.6kb2015-02-04 17:01:20vdswebadmin
 BSA Wilderness First Aid 20151.08mb2015-04-08 16:30:58vdswebadmin
 Cub Scout Leader Training June 2202.5kb2015-06-10 16:53:03vdswebadmin
 T3 - Fundamentals of Training220.7kb2015-02-04 17:10:49vdswebadmin
 Troop Committee Challenge (WS10)115.0kb2015-03-04 17:58:08vdswebadmin
 Webelos - Outdoor Leader Skills 108.9kb2015-02-04 17:06:40vdswebadmin
 Trained Reqs Chart334.7kb2010-06-23 15:02:41Mr Martinez
 What Makes a Trained Leader134.2kb2010-08-11 06:19:38Mr Martinez