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Camp Card Fundraising Campaign

VDS units are invited to participate in the Council Sponsored Fundraising Camp Card Campaign. A Camp Card is a discount card that provides the purchasers numerous discounts to restaurants and retailers all throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles areas. Each card is sold for $5.00. The deals on the card far exceed the amount. Scouts are encouraged to sell as many as they can. Your unit will earn 50% ($2.50 per card) of all sales! If your unit does well in popcorn or is in need of a Spring Fundraiser, Camp Cards is the perfect program.

For additional information and to sign up please visit or if you have questions contact Heather Endo at 213.413.4400 x0 or email her at

Valle Del Sol District
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 Eagle Orientation Apr 201492.7kb2014-04-09 20:58:27Mr Martinez
 Life to Eagle 04/12/12104.4kb2012-04-02 13:40:07Mr Martinez
 Eagle Application 512-728.pdf199.4kb2010-04-24 10:49:56BSAHosting
 Eagle Orientation 10141087.6kb2010-10-06 06:25:48Mr Martinez
 Baden Powell Award 2014142.2kb2013-12-09 21:20:40Mr Martinez
 Extra Miler Award 2014132.1kb2013-12-09 21:20:01Mr Martinez
 Silver Beaver Award276.6kb2012-11-09 12:28:48Mr Martinez
 Baden Powell Award97.2kb2010-10-04 18:37:41Mr Martinez
 District Award of Merit103.2kb2010-10-04 18:35:37Mr Martinez
 Extra Miler Award60.7kb2010-10-04 18:50:30Mr Martinez
 2013 CuboRee packet814.1kb2013-03-15 19:57:12Mr Martinez
 T443 Rocket Trip 20131.82mb2013-09-10 18:05:51Mr Martinez
 2012 Cuboree910.1kb2012-03-30 11:25:57Mr Martinez
 CampOree Menu39.8kb2012-04-17 13:33:23Mr Martinez
 Camporee Part 1611.5kb2012-04-23 18:08:58Mr Martinez
 Camporee Part 2511.3kb2012-04-23 18:15:56Mr Martinez
 VDS Camporee Pre-Registration63.8kb2012-04-17 23:07:20Mr Martinez
 2011 Cuboree31.3kb2011-03-03 09:39:35Mr Martinez
 2011 wEDGElosree259.7kb2011-10-04 18:05:11Mr Martinez
 Cuboree Packet 2011459.6kb2011-03-30 06:47:49Mr Martinez
 Cub Resident Camp Cherry Valley258.7kb2010-06-23 14:56:26Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Day Camp at Trask 0621220.2kb2010-06-23 14:56:47Mr Martinez
 Cuboree 05201114.4kb2010-06-23 14:57:22Mr Martinez
 Webelos Day Camp at Trask 071910236.6kb2010-06-23 15:04:54Mr Martinez
 Webelosree 11052010438.2kb2010-09-17 06:41:01Mr Martinez
 webelosree 11121017.1kb2010-06-23 15:05:36Mr Martinez
 10CH_XVI_2015_Info.pdf191.5kb2015-01-07 17:12:38vdswebadmin
 10CH_XVI_2015_Program.pdf80.0kb2015-01-07 17:12:57vdswebadmin
 Marbles Belt Loop Workshop447.6kb2015-02-04 17:10:06vdswebadmin
 10 Commandments Hike194.2kb2014-02-27 00:00:33Mr Martinez
 2014 Dutch Oven Contest Rules61.9kb2014-09-10 17:18:45Mr. Miller
 2014 Dutch Oven Cookoff97.3kb2014-09-10 17:18:05Mr. Miller
 2014 Golf Invitational Flyer817.3kb2014-09-16 16:42:06vdswebadmin
 2014 Good Turn Award Flyer78.6kb2014-09-02 15:18:54vdswebadmin
 2014 Scouting for Food Info141.8kb2014-09-16 17:19:41Mr. Miller
 2014 Webelosree 414.6kb2014-09-16 16:48:45Mr. Miller
 2014 Youth Expo551.8kb2014-02-26 23:48:26Mr Martinez
 Catholic Scout Retreat XXIII - 2285.7kb2014-08-26 14:01:40Mr. Miller
 Crew Cmte Training - Jan 2015272.5kb2014-11-05 15:25:10Mr. Miller
 Eagle Scout Project Fundraiser179.9kb2014-09-16 16:46:55vdswebadmin
 Fitness and Marathon Day231.6kb2014-01-01 18:23:35Mr Martinez
 Mt Wilson215.9kb2014-01-01 18:14:03Mr Martinez
 PowWow_2015_Flier.pdf428.1kb2014-12-17 16:30:09vdswebadmin
 Radio MB & JOTA - Save the Date246.4kb2014-08-26 14:05:47vdswebadmin
 Religious Diversity Hike 2014392.0kb2014-04-19 22:24:46Mr Martinez
 SD Chargers Game Flyer563.8kb2014-09-16 16:45:15vdswebadmin
 SM/ASM Training - Jan 2015208.1kb2014-11-05 15:24:08Mr. Miller
 STEM/NOVA Day - Feb 28,20151.80mb2014-09-02 15:16:42vdswebadmin
 Sports Breakfast 2014 with Pat H425.1kb2014-08-26 14:03:00vdswebadmin
 T443 Rocket Outing3.24mb2014-09-10 16:34:28Mr. Miller
 T443WebelosActivityDay2014267.8kb2014-01-29 19:32:53Mr Martinez
 T888 Belt Loop Day 2014437.1kb2014-11-05 16:25:29Mr. Miller
 VDS_District_Dinner 2015_Flyer.p235.3kb2014-12-10 17:20:25vdswebadmin
 Venturing Advisor Training - Jan272.4kb2014-11-05 15:26:09Mr. Miller
 10 Commandments Hike190.0kb2013-02-05 19:48:38Mr Martinez
 2013 Expo Letters to Scouters142.4kb2013-03-15 20:13:53Mr Martinez
 2013 Scout Expo Leader's Guide520.6kb2013-03-15 20:12:39Mr Martinez
 2013 Scout/Youth Expo Brochure837.6kb2013-03-15 20:11:10Mr Martinez
 Belt Loop Day 2013364.5kb2013-10-15 22:29:49Mr Martinez
 Cubmobile 20131.14mb2013-03-05 20:14:38Mr Martinez-1
 Dutch Over Dessert Cook Off 201343.9kb2013-05-07 23:20:45Mr Martinez
 Field of Valor256.6kb2013-10-15 22:29:04Mr Martinez
 Preparedness Fair Flyer664.1kb2013-11-05 22:37:41Mr Martinez
 Sports Breakfast Reply60.3kb2013-02-12 22:27:17Mr Martinez
 VDS Dinner 2013320.8kb2013-01-06 20:29:10Mr Martinez
 VDS District Dinner Flyer 2014114.3kb2013-12-09 19:45:25Mr Martinez
 2012 Expo Guide450.5kb2012-05-08 21:52:33Mr Martinez
 2012 Sports Breakfast494.9kb2012-02-14 18:39:32Mr Martinez
 Belt Loop Day 2012382.3kb2012-10-12 08:42:33Mr Martinez
 Celebrity Sports Lunch Invitatio42.6kb2012-02-21 19:16:30Mr Martinez
 Celebrity Sports Lunch Response25.1kb2012-02-21 19:16:57Mr Martinez
 Run for the Red 2012473.4kb2012-05-08 22:02:51Mr Martinez
 Webelos Day Canceled326.4kb2012-02-28 16:23:59Mr Martinez
 Webelos Outdoor Activity Day 20193.8kb2012-02-13 18:53:23Mr Martinez
 Webelos Outdoor Activity Day 2012.43mb2012-02-13 18:50:02Mr Martinez
 10 commandment hike 02252012101.5kb2011-02-10 21:23:35Mr Martinez
 Amgen Bike Tour403.5kb2011-04-17 10:50:53Mr Martinez
 Catholic Scout Retreat645.3kb2011-04-26 19:42:17lorenabernal
 Celebrity Sports Breakfast58.7kb2011-01-19 21:25:27Mr Martinez
 Craft Fair 2011264.4kb2011-03-17 12:23:42Mr Martinez
 Cubmobile 2012690.5kb2011-02-03 06:17:32Mr Martinez
 Cubmobile Rain Notice301.3kb2011-03-24 11:01:35lorenabernal
 Cubmobile Rules & Regs606.6kb2011-02-03 06:11:00Mr Martinez
 Expo Flyer 2011389.9kb2011-03-30 06:49:34Mr Martinez
 Expo Guide 2011157.6kb2011-03-30 06:49:07Mr Martinez
 Expo Pinewood Derby196.2kb2011-06-01 14:54:37Mr Martinez
 Expo Sponsorship Letter 2011137.0kb2011-03-30 06:48:37Mr Martinez
 Ham Radio Technician class Flyer141.4kb2011-03-24 11:13:38lorenabernal
 Ham Radio Technician class Reg F82.8kb2011-03-24 11:14:20lorenabernal
 Life to Eagle Orientation 01/25/92.6kb2011-01-10 21:54:23Mr Martinez
 Lions Poker Tournament441.9kb2011-03-28 20:20:56Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge Class 2011137.1kb2011-09-20 23:24:10Mr Martinez
 Run for the Red42.1kb2011-02-10 19:04:49Mr Martinez
 T443 Rocket Trip2.27mb2011-09-20 23:07:42Mr Martinez
 The 3rd Annual Santa Ana RIver B280.0kb2011-04-04 12:51:20lorenabernal
 VDS 2012 District Recognition Di81.6kb2011-11-30 00:11:07lorenabernal-1 -2 -3
 Webelos Day with Troop 448232.7kb2011-01-06 22:14:30Mr Martinez
 Webelos Scientist Badge16.5kb2011-01-07 21:18:02Mr Martinez
 2010 Car Show Flyer953.4kb2010-04-24 15:56:08BSAHosting
 2010 Car Show Poster283.9kb2010-04-24 15:50:21BSAHosting
 2010 Cubmobile Flyer138.3kb2010-04-24 15:48:57BSAHosting
 2010 Historical Merit Badge 10/2484.5kb2010-09-06 19:49:23Mr Martinez
 2010 Rocket Event567.4kb2010-11-10 12:26:12Mr Martinez
 Amatueur Radio Field Day 06261059.2kb2010-06-23 14:55:25Mr Martinez
 Calrods Poker Run 10022010115.6kb2010-09-17 06:30:28Mr Martinez
 Comedy Night 06191043.2kb2010-06-23 14:55:53Mr Martinez
 Eagel Orientation 071410106.5kb2010-07-12 05:50:50Mr Martinez
 Golden Eagle Fitness and Fun Day37.1kb2010-06-23 14:57:41Mr Martinez
 Golf Classic Registration Form100.3kb2010-10-07 12:58:37Mr Martinez
 Golf Classic Sponsorship Form119.1kb2010-10-07 12:58:00Mr Martinez
 Jamboree on the Air 10161083.9kb2010-06-23 14:58:01Mr Martinez
 Life to Eagle orientation 07141046.5kb2010-06-23 14:58:59Mr Martinez
 Polar Bear Swim 120410133.3kb2010-06-23 14:59:38Mr Martinez
 Trail to 1st Class 201041.4kb2010-06-11 10:28:53BSAHosting
 Trail to Eagle at Camp Trask 080248.0kb2010-06-23 16:04:20Mr Martinez
 Trail to First Class 100810145.2kb2010-06-23 15:02:22Mr Martinez
 Venturing Rendezvous 10221021.3kb2010-06-23 15:04:37Mr Martinez
 Webelos Golden Nugget 092410 100123.1kb2010-06-23 15:05:20Mr Martinez
 cubmobile Rules and Regs Final 2232.8kb2010-04-24 15:52:13BSAHosting
 cubmobile consent form.pdf507.5kb2010-04-24 15:51:17BSAHosting
 sponsor card 2010.pdf113.0kb2010-04-24 15:53:30BSAHosting
 2013 Golf Classic149.3kb2013-08-20 21:12:50Mr Martinez
 Council Shoulder Patch Contest172.7kb2013-08-20 21:20:32Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Complete Uniform Check880.2kb2013-08-20 21:26:48Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Complete Uniform Disco1.24mb2013-08-20 21:26:06Mr Martinez
 Life to Eagle Orientation 07/30/97.2kb2013-07-10 19:26:33Mr Martinez
 Popcorn Fundraiser 2013476.2kb2013-06-24 22:44:19Mr Martinez
 Sports Breakfast Invitation55.5kb2013-02-12 22:27:49Mr Martinez
 Trail to First Class 201371.3kb2013-06-25 21:49:36Mr Martinez
 cuboree 2013 flyer765.7kb2013-04-03 18:57:38Mr Martinez
 Astrounant Steven W. Lindsey302.4kb2012-09-25 18:54:50Mr Martinez
 Dutch Oven Cook Off15.4kb2012-09-26 20:50:12Mr Martinez-1
 Dutch Oven Judging Form12.3kb2012-09-26 20:50:46Mr Martinez
 Golf Classic 2012921.6kb2012-09-25 18:54:22Mr Martinez
 Service Project137.4kb2012-01-10 09:27:31lorenabernal
 T450 festival2.22mb2012-09-25 17:48:36Mr Martinez
 Tougher Than a Boy Scout219.4kb2012-04-02 14:25:12Mr Martinez
 Crew 448 Flyer102.4kb2011-09-27 14:24:15Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 11051165.2kb2011-10-02 21:57:35Mr Martinez
 Intro Outdoor Leader Test 11191151.5kb2011-10-02 21:58:10Mr Martinez
 Jamboree On The Air 2011110.6kb2011-09-20 23:24:37Mr Martinez
 National Advanced Youth Leadersh146.9kb2011-04-23 15:07:03Mr Martinez
 Varsity Leader Specific 10221149.0kb2011-10-02 21:58:57Mr Martinez
 2011 Accident Insurance Form17.9kb2010-10-06 20:17:45Mr Martinez-1
 Commissioner Challenge 201132.4kb2010-12-08 05:44:18Mr Martinez
 Training BALOO 11131027.4kb2010-06-23 15:03:02Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Scout Flyer96.6kb2010-10-04 17:45:05Mr Martinez-1
Membership Drive
 Campaign Promotion Registration113.5kb2010-07-15 09:58:32Mr Martinez
 Membership Drive 201130.2kb2010-09-07 19:16:44Mr Martinez
Merit Badge Work
 APU STEM NOVA Day1.07mb2013-09-10 18:29:02Mr Martinez
 JOTA 2013342.5kb2013-08-28 06:19:29Mr Martinez
 Merit Badge Day_4-11-13_flyer.pd225.8kb2013-05-02 17:28:36Mr Martinez
 Radio MB 2013102.6kb2013-09-10 18:20:39Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge Class 2013147.6kb2013-06-10 07:03:27Mr Martinez
 Robotics Merit Badge Flyer731.8kb2013-08-08 18:04:02Mr Martinez
 T402 Merit Badge Day flyer322.9kb2013-10-22 22:32:41Mr Martinez
 JOTA 2012175.4kb2012-09-25 17:34:33Mr Martinez
 MB_Fair_Troop_650388.5kb2012-05-08 21:45:37Mr Martinez
 Merit Badge Fair347.1kb2012-05-02 19:12:15Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge Class 2012360.0kb2012-09-25 17:35:07Mr Martinez
 Coin Collecting Merit Badge 082823.2kb2010-08-13 16:13:22Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge 10/201011.0kb2010-10-01 07:39:36Mr Martinez
 PowWow 2014364.4kb2013-12-18 21:19:22Mr Martinez
 PowWow Brochure538.5kb2011-08-09 21:58:56Mr Martinez
Press Release
 Merit Award198.3kb2011-09-01 22:29:56Mr Martinez
 2012 Accident Insurance Form18.6kb2010-10-06 20:46:14Mr Martinez
 2012 Prepaid Charge Account Appl28.2kb2010-10-06 20:18:33Mr Martinez
 2012 Re-charter Inst-Access Code42.2kb2010-10-06 20:19:13Mr Martinez
 Unit Chairman Report25.1kb2010-10-06 20:21:40Mr Martinez
Roundtable Resou
 Glendora Trail & Camping Opportu936.3kb2010-07-08 11:45:27Mr Martinez
 What Makes a Trained Leader134.2kb2010-08-11 19:25:29Mr Martinez
Scouting for Foo
 Message to Leaders 2013142.0kb2013-09-29 20:24:37Mr Martinez
 Scouting for Food 2013792.6kb2013-09-29 20:23:35Mr Martinez
 TurninList 2013132.1kb2013-09-29 20:24:06Mr Martinez
 Message to Leaders17.4kb2012-09-06 18:50:37Mr Martinez
 VDS Turn in Form18.0kb2012-09-06 18:49:18Mr Martinez-1
 10 Message to Unit Leaders27.1kb2010-09-07 19:22:05Mr Martinez
 VDS Turn in Form20.4kb2010-09-07 19:23:55Mr Martinez
Ticket Specials
 Buca di Beppo74.9kb2013-03-05 20:20:17Mr Martinez
 CircusTickets2013106.8kb2013-06-10 06:04:15Mr Martinez
 Driving for Success301.2kb2013-08-06 18:27:46Mr Martinez
 ESPYTickets485.8kb2013-06-10 06:06:52Mr Martinez
 LAGalaxy2013732.3kb2013-06-10 06:07:25Mr Martinez
 Nike3on3369.7kb2013-06-10 06:06:25Mr Martinez
 Santa Scout Shop Day Workshops366.3kb2013-12-01 20:55:42Mr Martinez
 Santa Scout Shop Day4.47mb2013-12-01 20:55:01Mr Martinez
 Scout Day at Skyzone387.1kb2013-12-01 20:40:59Mr Martinez-1
 LA Kings332.6kb2010-09-21 22:51:17Mr Martinez
 NHRA Finals Tickets 11111045.9kb2010-06-23 14:59:16Mr Martinez
 NHRA Finals Tickets 111110243.6kb2010-08-02 17:05:44Mr Martinez
 Raging Waters summer 2010160.2kb2010-06-23 15:00:58Mr Martinez
 Walking with Dinosaurs 09-11/12-79.1kb2010-08-13 16:12:26Mr Martinez
 BALOO 201544.7kb2015-02-04 16:59:01vdswebadmin
 Intro Outdoor Leader Skills 10/592.7kb2013-06-25 21:29:32Mr Martinez
 Edge 121011112.4kb2011-10-02 21:56:58Mr Martinez
 Philmont Leadership Challenge500.4kb2011-04-23 15:06:31Mr Martinez
 Region 4 Training177.0kb2011-02-03 17:12:19Mr Martinez
 SGVC Training Resolution55.3kb2011-09-15 00:04:22lorenabernal
 SGVC Universal Training Form 201461.8kb2011-02-26 16:20:29Mr Martinez
 Wilderness First Aid30.9kb2011-02-03 17:13:12Mr Martinez
 Baloo 11131027.4kb2010-06-23 14:50:12Mr Martinez
 Chartered Org Rep 12011019.7kb2010-06-23 14:52:49Mr Martinez
 Chartered Org Rep 12011019.7kb2010-06-23 15:03:28Mr Martinez
 Climbing Instructor Qualificatio31.8kb2010-08-13 16:14:44Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 09111019.6kb2010-06-23 14:53:09Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 09111019.6kb2010-06-23 15:03:47Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 10162042.5kb2010-09-17 06:33:02Mr Martinez
 Leader Training Matrix244.5kb2010-08-11 06:20:31Mr Martinez
 Leaders Digest 4th 20101.59mb2010-10-06 12:52:51Mr Martinez
 Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelo25.7kb2010-12-26 10:33:07Mr Martinez
 Popcorn Training 07311076.1kb2010-06-23 15:00:04Mr Martinez
 Pow Wow 02051191.3kb2010-06-23 15:00:21Mr Martinez
 Pow Wow Registration Form1.83mb2010-12-08 22:15:28Mr Martinez
 SM Leader Specific 09251024.2kb2010-06-23 14:53:35Mr Martinez
 SM Leader Specific 09251024.2kb2010-06-23 15:04:20Mr Martinez
 Scoutmaster Leader Specific 011543.7kb2010-09-17 06:31:49Mr Martinez
 Scoutmaster Specific 04/201140.0kb2010-12-26 10:41:29Mr Martinez
 Trainer's EDGE Course 03/2011110.5kb2010-12-26 10:28:48Mr Martinez
 Venture Leader Specific 03/201143.7kb2010-12-26 10:37:27Mr Martinez
 What Makes a Trained Leader134.2kb2010-08-12 18:37:07Mr Martinez
 Wilderness Aid 10151019.9kb2010-08-13 16:13:56Mr Martinez
 CS11-08.pdf33.3kb2010-04-24 10:53:03BSAHosting
 CTCuniversalForm01jun2007.pdf84.3kb2010-04-24 10:53:24BSAHosting
 2013 New Marshall Cyn Camp & Sta501.0kb2013-10-29 18:48:14Mr Martinez
 2013 Station Rotation23.8kb2013-10-29 18:49:09Mr Martinez
 2013Wedgelosree185.2kb2013-09-29 18:24:15Mr Martinez
 Wedgelosre 3819.6kb2012-10-12 09:34:40Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Flyer190.5kb2010-10-04 17:43:32Mr Martinez-1
 Webeloree Information Packet680.4kb2010-10-04 17:44:37Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Medical Form427.7kb2010-10-04 17:44:00Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Registration193.8kb2010-10-04 17:42:57Mr Martinez