Valle Del Sol District
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 Eagle Orientation Apr 201492.7kb2014-04-09 20:58:27Mr Martinez
 Life to Eagle 04/12/12104.4kb2012-04-02 13:40:07Mr Martinez
 Eagle Application 512-728.pdf199.4kb2010-04-24 10:49:56BSAHosting
 Eagle Orientation 10141087.6kb2010-10-06 06:25:48Mr Martinez
 Baden Powell Award 2014142.2kb2013-12-09 21:20:40Mr Martinez
 Extra Miler Award 2014132.1kb2013-12-09 21:20:01Mr Martinez
 Silver Beaver Award276.6kb2012-11-09 12:28:48Mr Martinez
 Baden Powell Award97.2kb2010-10-04 18:37:41Mr Martinez
 District Award of Merit103.2kb2010-10-04 18:35:37Mr Martinez
 Extra Miler Award60.7kb2010-10-04 18:50:30Mr Martinez
 2013 CuboRee packet814.1kb2013-03-15 19:57:12Mr Martinez
 T443 Rocket Trip 20131.82mb2013-09-10 18:05:51Mr Martinez
 2012 Cuboree910.1kb2012-03-30 11:25:57Mr Martinez
 CampOree Menu39.8kb2012-04-17 13:33:23Mr Martinez
 Camporee Part 1611.5kb2012-04-23 18:08:58Mr Martinez
 Camporee Part 2511.3kb2012-04-23 18:15:56Mr Martinez
 VDS Camporee Pre-Registration63.8kb2012-04-17 23:07:20Mr Martinez
 2011 Cuboree31.3kb2011-03-03 09:39:35Mr Martinez
 2011 wEDGElosree259.7kb2011-10-04 18:05:11Mr Martinez
 Cuboree Packet 2011459.6kb2011-03-30 06:47:49Mr Martinez
 Cub Resident Camp Cherry Valley258.7kb2010-06-23 14:56:26Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Day Camp at Trask 0621220.2kb2010-06-23 14:56:47Mr Martinez
 Cuboree 05201114.4kb2010-06-23 14:57:22Mr Martinez
 Webelos Day Camp at Trask 071910236.6kb2010-06-23 15:04:54Mr Martinez
 Webelosree 11052010438.2kb2010-09-17 06:41:01Mr Martinez
 webelosree 11121017.1kb2010-06-23 15:05:36Mr Martinez
 10CH_XVI_2015_Info.pdf191.5kb2015-01-07 17:12:38vdswebadmin
 10CH_XVI_2015_Program.pdf80.0kb2015-01-07 17:12:57vdswebadmin
 Marbles Belt Loop Workshop447.6kb2015-02-04 17:10:06vdswebadmin
 10 Commandments Hike194.2kb2014-02-27 00:00:33Mr Martinez
 2014 Dutch Oven Contest Rules61.9kb2014-09-10 17:18:45Mr. Miller
 2014 Dutch Oven Cookoff97.3kb2014-09-10 17:18:05Mr. Miller
 2014 Golf Invitational Flyer817.3kb2014-09-16 16:42:06vdswebadmin
 2014 Good Turn Award Flyer78.6kb2014-09-02 15:18:54vdswebadmin
 2014 Scouting for Food Info141.8kb2014-09-16 17:19:41Mr. Miller
 2014 Webelosree 414.6kb2014-09-16 16:48:45Mr. Miller
 2014 Youth Expo551.8kb2014-02-26 23:48:26Mr Martinez
 Catholic Scout Retreat XXIII - 2285.7kb2014-08-26 14:01:40Mr. Miller
 Crew Cmte Training - Jan 2015272.5kb2014-11-05 15:25:10Mr. Miller
 Eagle Scout Project Fundraiser179.9kb2014-09-16 16:46:55vdswebadmin
 Fitness and Marathon Day231.6kb2014-01-01 18:23:35Mr Martinez
 Mt Wilson215.9kb2014-01-01 18:14:03Mr Martinez
 PowWow_2015_Flier.pdf428.1kb2014-12-17 16:30:09vdswebadmin
 Radio MB & JOTA - Save the Date246.4kb2014-08-26 14:05:47vdswebadmin
 Religious Diversity Hike 2014392.0kb2014-04-19 22:24:46Mr Martinez
 SD Chargers Game Flyer563.8kb2014-09-16 16:45:15vdswebadmin
 SM/ASM Training - Jan 2015208.1kb2014-11-05 15:24:08Mr. Miller
 STEM/NOVA Day - Feb 28,20151.80mb2014-09-02 15:16:42vdswebadmin
 Sports Breakfast 2014 with Pat H425.1kb2014-08-26 14:03:00vdswebadmin
 T443 Rocket Outing3.24mb2014-09-10 16:34:28Mr. Miller
 T443WebelosActivityDay2014267.8kb2014-01-29 19:32:53Mr Martinez
 T888 Belt Loop Day 2014437.1kb2014-11-05 16:25:29Mr. Miller
 VDS_District_Dinner 2015_Flyer.p235.3kb2014-12-10 17:20:25vdswebadmin
 Venturing Advisor Training - Jan272.4kb2014-11-05 15:26:09Mr. Miller
 10 Commandments Hike190.0kb2013-02-05 19:48:38Mr Martinez
 2013 Expo Letters to Scouters142.4kb2013-03-15 20:13:53Mr Martinez
 2013 Scout Expo Leader's Guide520.6kb2013-03-15 20:12:39Mr Martinez
 2013 Scout/Youth Expo Brochure837.6kb2013-03-15 20:11:10Mr Martinez
 Belt Loop Day 2013364.5kb2013-10-15 22:29:49Mr Martinez
 Cubmobile 20131.14mb2013-03-05 20:14:38Mr Martinez-1
 Dutch Over Dessert Cook Off 201343.9kb2013-05-07 23:20:45Mr Martinez
 Field of Valor256.6kb2013-10-15 22:29:04Mr Martinez
 Preparedness Fair Flyer664.1kb2013-11-05 22:37:41Mr Martinez
 Sports Breakfast Reply60.3kb2013-02-12 22:27:17Mr Martinez
 VDS Dinner 2013320.8kb2013-01-06 20:29:10Mr Martinez
 VDS District Dinner Flyer 2014114.3kb2013-12-09 19:45:25Mr Martinez
 2012 Expo Guide450.5kb2012-05-08 21:52:33Mr Martinez
 2012 Sports Breakfast494.9kb2012-02-14 18:39:32Mr Martinez
 Belt Loop Day 2012382.3kb2012-10-12 08:42:33Mr Martinez
 Celebrity Sports Lunch Invitatio42.6kb2012-02-21 19:16:30Mr Martinez
 Celebrity Sports Lunch Response25.1kb2012-02-21 19:16:57Mr Martinez
 Run for the Red 2012473.4kb2012-05-08 22:02:51Mr Martinez
 Webelos Day Canceled326.4kb2012-02-28 16:23:59Mr Martinez
 Webelos Outdoor Activity Day 20193.8kb2012-02-13 18:53:23Mr Martinez
 Webelos Outdoor Activity Day 2012.43mb2012-02-13 18:50:02Mr Martinez
 10 commandment hike 02252012101.5kb2011-02-10 21:23:35Mr Martinez
 Amgen Bike Tour403.5kb2011-04-17 10:50:53Mr Martinez
 Catholic Scout Retreat645.3kb2011-04-26 19:42:17lorenabernal
 Celebrity Sports Breakfast58.7kb2011-01-19 21:25:27Mr Martinez
 Craft Fair 2011264.4kb2011-03-17 12:23:42Mr Martinez
 Cubmobile 2012690.5kb2011-02-03 06:17:32Mr Martinez
 Cubmobile Rain Notice301.3kb2011-03-24 11:01:35lorenabernal
 Cubmobile Rules & Regs606.6kb2011-02-03 06:11:00Mr Martinez
 Expo Flyer 2011389.9kb2011-03-30 06:49:34Mr Martinez
 Expo Guide 2011157.6kb2011-03-30 06:49:07Mr Martinez
 Expo Pinewood Derby196.2kb2011-06-01 14:54:37Mr Martinez
 Expo Sponsorship Letter 2011137.0kb2011-03-30 06:48:37Mr Martinez
 Ham Radio Technician class Flyer141.4kb2011-03-24 11:13:38lorenabernal
 Ham Radio Technician class Reg F82.8kb2011-03-24 11:14:20lorenabernal
 Life to Eagle Orientation 01/25/92.6kb2011-01-10 21:54:23Mr Martinez
 Lions Poker Tournament441.9kb2011-03-28 20:20:56Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge Class 2011137.1kb2011-09-20 23:24:10Mr Martinez
 Run for the Red42.1kb2011-02-10 19:04:49Mr Martinez
 T443 Rocket Trip2.27mb2011-09-20 23:07:42Mr Martinez
 The 3rd Annual Santa Ana RIver B280.0kb2011-04-04 12:51:20lorenabernal
 VDS 2012 District Recognition Di81.6kb2011-11-30 00:11:07lorenabernal-1 -2 -3
 Webelos Day with Troop 448232.7kb2011-01-06 22:14:30Mr Martinez
 Webelos Scientist Badge16.5kb2011-01-07 21:18:02Mr Martinez
 2010 Car Show Flyer953.4kb2010-04-24 15:56:08BSAHosting
 2010 Car Show Poster283.9kb2010-04-24 15:50:21BSAHosting
 2010 Cubmobile Flyer138.3kb2010-04-24 15:48:57BSAHosting
 2010 Historical Merit Badge 10/2484.5kb2010-09-06 19:49:23Mr Martinez
 2010 Rocket Event567.4kb2010-11-10 12:26:12Mr Martinez
 Amatueur Radio Field Day 06261059.2kb2010-06-23 14:55:25Mr Martinez
 Calrods Poker Run 10022010115.6kb2010-09-17 06:30:28Mr Martinez
 Comedy Night 06191043.2kb2010-06-23 14:55:53Mr Martinez
 Eagel Orientation 071410106.5kb2010-07-12 05:50:50Mr Martinez
 Golden Eagle Fitness and Fun Day37.1kb2010-06-23 14:57:41Mr Martinez
 Golf Classic Registration Form100.3kb2010-10-07 12:58:37Mr Martinez
 Golf Classic Sponsorship Form119.1kb2010-10-07 12:58:00Mr Martinez
 Jamboree on the Air 10161083.9kb2010-06-23 14:58:01Mr Martinez
 Life to Eagle orientation 07141046.5kb2010-06-23 14:58:59Mr Martinez
 Polar Bear Swim 120410133.3kb2010-06-23 14:59:38Mr Martinez
 Trail to 1st Class 201041.4kb2010-06-11 10:28:53BSAHosting
 Trail to Eagle at Camp Trask 080248.0kb2010-06-23 16:04:20Mr Martinez
 Trail to First Class 100810145.2kb2010-06-23 15:02:22Mr Martinez
 Venturing Rendezvous 10221021.3kb2010-06-23 15:04:37Mr Martinez
 Webelos Golden Nugget 092410 100123.1kb2010-06-23 15:05:20Mr Martinez
 cubmobile Rules and Regs Final 2232.8kb2010-04-24 15:52:13BSAHosting
 cubmobile consent form.pdf507.5kb2010-04-24 15:51:17BSAHosting
 sponsor card 2010.pdf113.0kb2010-04-24 15:53:30BSAHosting
 2013 Golf Classic149.3kb2013-08-20 21:12:50Mr Martinez
 Council Shoulder Patch Contest172.7kb2013-08-20 21:20:32Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Complete Uniform Check880.2kb2013-08-20 21:26:48Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Complete Uniform Disco1.24mb2013-08-20 21:26:06Mr Martinez
 Life to Eagle Orientation 07/30/97.2kb2013-07-10 19:26:33Mr Martinez
 Popcorn Fundraiser 2013476.2kb2013-06-24 22:44:19Mr Martinez
 Sports Breakfast Invitation55.5kb2013-02-12 22:27:49Mr Martinez
 Trail to First Class 201371.3kb2013-06-25 21:49:36Mr Martinez
 cuboree 2013 flyer765.7kb2013-04-03 18:57:38Mr Martinez
 Astrounant Steven W. Lindsey302.4kb2012-09-25 18:54:50Mr Martinez
 Dutch Oven Cook Off15.4kb2012-09-26 20:50:12Mr Martinez-1
 Dutch Oven Judging Form12.3kb2012-09-26 20:50:46Mr Martinez
 Golf Classic 2012921.6kb2012-09-25 18:54:22Mr Martinez
 Service Project137.4kb2012-01-10 09:27:31lorenabernal
 T450 festival2.22mb2012-09-25 17:48:36Mr Martinez
 Tougher Than a Boy Scout219.4kb2012-04-02 14:25:12Mr Martinez
 Crew 448 Flyer102.4kb2011-09-27 14:24:15Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 11051165.2kb2011-10-02 21:57:35Mr Martinez
 Intro Outdoor Leader Test 11191151.5kb2011-10-02 21:58:10Mr Martinez
 Jamboree On The Air 2011110.6kb2011-09-20 23:24:37Mr Martinez
 National Advanced Youth Leadersh146.9kb2011-04-23 15:07:03Mr Martinez
 Varsity Leader Specific 10221149.0kb2011-10-02 21:58:57Mr Martinez
 2011 Accident Insurance Form17.9kb2010-10-06 20:17:45Mr Martinez-1
 Commissioner Challenge 201132.4kb2010-12-08 05:44:18Mr Martinez
 Training BALOO 11131027.4kb2010-06-23 15:03:02Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Scout Flyer96.6kb2010-10-04 17:45:05Mr Martinez-1
Membership Drive
 Campaign Promotion Registration113.5kb2010-07-15 09:58:32Mr Martinez
 Membership Drive 201130.2kb2010-09-07 19:16:44Mr Martinez
Merit Badge Work
 APU STEM NOVA Day1.07mb2013-09-10 18:29:02Mr Martinez
 JOTA 2013342.5kb2013-08-28 06:19:29Mr Martinez
 Merit Badge Day_4-11-13_flyer.pd225.8kb2013-05-02 17:28:36Mr Martinez
 Radio MB 2013102.6kb2013-09-10 18:20:39Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge Class 2013147.6kb2013-06-10 07:03:27Mr Martinez
 Robotics Merit Badge Flyer731.8kb2013-08-08 18:04:02Mr Martinez
 T402 Merit Badge Day flyer322.9kb2013-10-22 22:32:41Mr Martinez
 JOTA 2012175.4kb2012-09-25 17:34:33Mr Martinez
 MB_Fair_Troop_650388.5kb2012-05-08 21:45:37Mr Martinez
 Merit Badge Fair347.1kb2012-05-02 19:12:15Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge Class 2012360.0kb2012-09-25 17:35:07Mr Martinez
 Coin Collecting Merit Badge 082823.2kb2010-08-13 16:13:22Mr Martinez
 Radio Merit Badge 10/201011.0kb2010-10-01 07:39:36Mr Martinez
 PowWow 2014364.4kb2013-12-18 21:19:22Mr Martinez
 PowWow Brochure538.5kb2011-08-09 21:58:56Mr Martinez
Press Release
 Merit Award198.3kb2011-09-01 22:29:56Mr Martinez
 2012 Accident Insurance Form18.6kb2010-10-06 20:46:14Mr Martinez
 2012 Prepaid Charge Account Appl28.2kb2010-10-06 20:18:33Mr Martinez
 2012 Re-charter Inst-Access Code42.2kb2010-10-06 20:19:13Mr Martinez
 Unit Chairman Report25.1kb2010-10-06 20:21:40Mr Martinez
Roundtable Resou
 Glendora Trail & Camping Opportu936.3kb2010-07-08 11:45:27Mr Martinez
 What Makes a Trained Leader134.2kb2010-08-11 19:25:29Mr Martinez
Scouting for Foo
 Message to Leaders 2013142.0kb2013-09-29 20:24:37Mr Martinez
 Scouting for Food 2013792.6kb2013-09-29 20:23:35Mr Martinez
 TurninList 2013132.1kb2013-09-29 20:24:06Mr Martinez
 Message to Leaders17.4kb2012-09-06 18:50:37Mr Martinez
 VDS Turn in Form18.0kb2012-09-06 18:49:18Mr Martinez-1
 10 Message to Unit Leaders27.1kb2010-09-07 19:22:05Mr Martinez
 VDS Turn in Form20.4kb2010-09-07 19:23:55Mr Martinez
Ticket Specials
 Buca di Beppo74.9kb2013-03-05 20:20:17Mr Martinez
 CircusTickets2013106.8kb2013-06-10 06:04:15Mr Martinez
 Driving for Success301.2kb2013-08-06 18:27:46Mr Martinez
 ESPYTickets485.8kb2013-06-10 06:06:52Mr Martinez
 LAGalaxy2013732.3kb2013-06-10 06:07:25Mr Martinez
 Nike3on3369.7kb2013-06-10 06:06:25Mr Martinez
 Santa Scout Shop Day Workshops366.3kb2013-12-01 20:55:42Mr Martinez
 Santa Scout Shop Day4.47mb2013-12-01 20:55:01Mr Martinez
 Scout Day at Skyzone387.1kb2013-12-01 20:40:59Mr Martinez-1
 LA Kings332.6kb2010-09-21 22:51:17Mr Martinez
 NHRA Finals Tickets 11111045.9kb2010-06-23 14:59:16Mr Martinez
 NHRA Finals Tickets 111110243.6kb2010-08-02 17:05:44Mr Martinez
 Raging Waters summer 2010160.2kb2010-06-23 15:00:58Mr Martinez
 Walking with Dinosaurs 09-11/12-79.1kb2010-08-13 16:12:26Mr Martinez
 BALOO 201544.7kb2015-02-04 16:59:01vdswebadmin
 Intro Outdoor Leader Skills 10/592.7kb2013-06-25 21:29:32Mr Martinez
 Edge 121011112.4kb2011-10-02 21:56:58Mr Martinez
 Philmont Leadership Challenge500.4kb2011-04-23 15:06:31Mr Martinez
 Region 4 Training177.0kb2011-02-03 17:12:19Mr Martinez
 SGVC Training Resolution55.3kb2011-09-15 00:04:22lorenabernal
 SGVC Universal Training Form 201461.8kb2011-02-26 16:20:29Mr Martinez
 Wilderness First Aid30.9kb2011-02-03 17:13:12Mr Martinez
 Baloo 11131027.4kb2010-06-23 14:50:12Mr Martinez
 Chartered Org Rep 12011019.7kb2010-06-23 14:52:49Mr Martinez
 Chartered Org Rep 12011019.7kb2010-06-23 15:03:28Mr Martinez
 Climbing Instructor Qualificatio31.8kb2010-08-13 16:14:44Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 09111019.6kb2010-06-23 14:53:09Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 09111019.6kb2010-06-23 15:03:47Mr Martinez
 Cub Scout Leader Specific 10162042.5kb2010-09-17 06:33:02Mr Martinez
 Leader Training Matrix244.5kb2010-08-11 06:20:31Mr Martinez
 Leaders Digest 4th 20101.59mb2010-10-06 12:52:51Mr Martinez
 Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelo25.7kb2010-12-26 10:33:07Mr Martinez
 Popcorn Training 07311076.1kb2010-06-23 15:00:04Mr Martinez
 Pow Wow 02051191.3kb2010-06-23 15:00:21Mr Martinez
 Pow Wow Registration Form1.83mb2010-12-08 22:15:28Mr Martinez
 SM Leader Specific 09251024.2kb2010-06-23 14:53:35Mr Martinez
 SM Leader Specific 09251024.2kb2010-06-23 15:04:20Mr Martinez
 Scoutmaster Leader Specific 011543.7kb2010-09-17 06:31:49Mr Martinez
 Scoutmaster Specific 04/201140.0kb2010-12-26 10:41:29Mr Martinez
 Trainer's EDGE Course 03/2011110.5kb2010-12-26 10:28:48Mr Martinez
 Venture Leader Specific 03/201143.7kb2010-12-26 10:37:27Mr Martinez
 What Makes a Trained Leader134.2kb2010-08-12 18:37:07Mr Martinez
 Wilderness Aid 10151019.9kb2010-08-13 16:13:56Mr Martinez
 CS11-08.pdf33.3kb2010-04-24 10:53:03BSAHosting
 CTCuniversalForm01jun2007.pdf84.3kb2010-04-24 10:53:24BSAHosting
 2013 New Marshall Cyn Camp & Sta501.0kb2013-10-29 18:48:14Mr Martinez
 2013 Station Rotation23.8kb2013-10-29 18:49:09Mr Martinez
 2013Wedgelosree185.2kb2013-09-29 18:24:15Mr Martinez
 Wedgelosre 3819.6kb2012-10-12 09:34:40Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Flyer190.5kb2010-10-04 17:43:32Mr Martinez-1
 Webeloree Information Packet680.4kb2010-10-04 17:44:37Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Medical Form427.7kb2010-10-04 17:44:00Mr Martinez
 Webeloree Registration193.8kb2010-10-04 17:42:57Mr Martinez